Prep To Perfection: The Competitors “Show Day” Checklist


Through my experiences competing, I have realized how important it is to be ready for anything. Realizing that half the win is in the prep, I wanted to put a checklist together for those of you who are still having some difficulty getting this very important aspect of “Show Day” down pact!

Here is the list of items I believe to be key to success:


  • Your Food – Brining your diet can really make or break your chances. A well-fed competitor will look more full on stage and feel more confident.


  • Bottled Water – Yes, I know I know, NO water on “Show Day”. This is merely a safety precaution that is smart to take. Dehydration can set in with just a 1% change in your body’s amount of water. Feel faint? See! Thank me later!


  • Pre Workout Type Supplement – This is going to be important to have when they come back to the “Pump Room” saying that your division is next up. I usually try to take a pre that has a few carbs. Inspired Nutra “Endless” has never done me wrong. I also try to take my pre with the minimal amount of water. Mixing with 2-4oz of water will surely do the trick.


  • Shaker – This is almost a given. Will be used for your pre and possibly post show recovery shake and whatever else. Ive even been seen using it to mix last min tan for touch up. Point Being: Be Prepared!


  • Towels – I bring usually 2-3 really old towels. The tanning product we use is not very friendly to most cloth, so you will want to have towels you can easily dispose of after show. Use these to dab dripping or where you have a build up of excess tanner. I also sweat a ton. You have to remember, its not just you, there are also 100s of competitors inside the venue with you. Need less to day, its going to get a little warm.


  • Pump Up Bands – These are always great to have when the “Pump Room” at your show is not best. Simple quick movements with these will give you a great swell before hand. my personal opinion is: nice short, quick reps, to surge the muscle with some blood.


  • Tan – You’re always going to want to bring extra tanner for those random situations where you may rub up against something. And touch up is a must for Finals. If you have paid for the show tanning, just make sure to be aware of where to be when you need it done.


  • Trunks/Posing Suit/Bikini – These will be the only real necessity. Without these you might as well go take a seat in the crowd. This would include posing suit, bikini, evening wear, finals outfit, alternative suit. Here is a situation: lets say you bring one “blue” outfit. When you arrive at show, everyone has a “blue” suit as well. What do you do? Well, you will have read this blog and grabbed 1-2 more colors, so if you need to change into something that will steal the show you have that choice.


  • Baggy Clothes – During intermission, you will not want to wear your trunks the entire time. In the Las Vegas USA Nationals, I had trunks that had a white top border on them, making it very important to have a change of clothes. They need to be “baggy” to minimize the cloth rubbing against your tan.


  • Honey – Depending on how I feel, this may be the only pre workout I will need. I in addition put small amounts on my Rice Cakes. Mind you, I’m using the honey as a quick carb and the rice cake as a sustaining carb.


  • Chocolate – Before the nightly Finals, I do like to eat a few squares of  90% Organic Chocolate. It helps relax my face and prepares it for more non-stop smiling. Trust me, if this is your first show, and you don’t know what I’m talking about, be prepared! Its an interesting feeling having your cheeks cramps LOL.


  • Rice Cakes – Simple snack safe for just about anytime. Like I was saying earlier,  using the honey as a quick carb and the rice cake as a sustaining carb.


  • Natural Peanut Butter – Apply small amount to Rice Cakes for a quick and easy snack. Adding some fats to your day can help sustain you longer without such a large meal.


  • Water with Electrolytes – Bringing some sports drink or other electrolyte infused water to your show is another great way to avoid disaster. I don’t care if its that PH balanced bullshit because that water isn’t even the same PH as on bottle when you get it anyway. Plus, your body stays at a modest Ph balance automatically with a substance called “alkaline”, thats released when the acidity if the body is too high.


  • Bananas – Having a couple bananas on hand is always a plus. Low on the glycemic index, high in potassium and easy to eat, makes them a smart choice.


I hope this list can help you better understand how important and easy it is to be…Prepped for Perfection! Wish all of you the best! Tag me in your competition pictures if this list helped you!



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