You Are Loved

If you are reading this. I want you to know…


Like the brother and sister I know you are. There’s so much disconnect and indifference in the world today.

But, if we would look at each other like art. Each representing such a unique, one of a kind canvas of diversity.

We each bring something so special to the table.

I know some of you are hurt, angry, could care less about God, and feel left out of the whole process of a “miracle”.

But, what’s so special about your situation, is you are literally standing right on top of the starting line.

A wonderful place to start a new page, a new path and a new outlook.

The worst thing you can do is live in pain, not realizing that the most powerful life changer ever is in fact the things attached to that pain.

Stop abandoning your ship and sail it to your healing destination!

Some resources for a safe place to talk and get it out:

  • Trusted family members.
  • Respected friends.
  • Pastor at Church.
  • Small Group
  • Large Group

Don’t go any longer holding onto what you have inside. It’s ok to be weak, to be vulnerable, to be upset and cry it out until your heart is healed.

If you have been told to suck it up, don’t be sad, you can’t be upset, you shouldn’t feel that way… I AM SO SORRY!

I have been there to and it’s not a good place. I write this hoping to reach out to someone who needs a helping hand or even a hug.

Love you all so much! Let’s make a change and start by loving all our sisters and brothers, regardless of color, race, religion, gender, finical situation or opinion.

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