Cheat Sheet: Craft your perfect week of training with The 80/20 Training Split.

I’ve been seeing a lot of posts lately about how you “have” to train multiple times a week, hit muscle groups multiple times a week and basically hold a professional athletes training schedule.

Let me slow you guys down a little in your mind. Indeed, if you are several years in and hold a fair amount of muscle mass generated from previous years of lesser intensity and volume, sure. Be my guest.

But, if you are just starting out and barely have time to think about fitness, and more or less how to choreograph your week around training, this is for you.

Hit “Full Body” Routines, like the examples listed below. This is your ticket! Alternating days, or “Off Days” should be focused on recovery. Meaning actively resting. Not static resting (sitting on your couch).


Machine Chest Press 6-12 x 3

Assisted Pull Ups 6-12 x 3

Leg Press 6-12 x 3

Leg Curls 6-12 x 3

Machine Shoulder Press 6-12 x 3

Dips 6-12 x 3

Crunches 30 x 3


DB Chest Press 6-12 x 3

Lateral Pull Down 6-12 x 3

High Bar Squats 6-12 x 3

Leg Ext 6-12 x 3

Shrugs 6-12 x 3

Barbell Curls 6-12 x 3

Leg Ups 30 x 3


Barbell Bench Press 6-12 x 3

Barbell Rows 6-12 x 3

Deadlifts 6-12 x 3

Hyper Ext 6-12 x 3

Shoulder Fly 6-12 x 3

Calf Press 6-12 x 3

Plank 30s x 3

Time your workouts and try to get them done faster and faster each time, without making it a race and simply going through the motions. Use an RPE of roughly 6-8, tuning it depending on feel, for the intensity. Most of all Enjoy the lift! For most of us, this is our little time to ourselves. Just us and the iron!

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