Cheat Sheet: How to bring food balance and moderation to your hectic life!

As a health and wellness professional, my passion to educate has always been the mission of my business. But lately, I’ve been struggling in my head about what design or template I would use for all my info.

There are plenty of examples I can copy and just jump on band wagon, but that would take away from my freedom of creativity. So I made my own. Above is my first infograph. I’ve preached for years the benefits of the 80/20 lifestyle. Now, you guys will slowly but surely get a better idea of what the hell I’m talking about.

When I say “lifestyle”, I’m referring to the fact that you never have to phase in and out of this type of dieting. You’ll never lose gains or get too skinny or vice versa, get too soft. What if all year round you could look amazing? Well I’ve been living the example for the past 5 years. And it’s changed the way I work, train and travel for the better.

80/20 – aka IIFYM, is a way of taking your daily intake and splitting 80% of it into wholesome nutritious food and the remaining 20% into what I call “soul food”. This will feed your inner spirit animal to keep you charging through your fitness journey.

90/10 & 100/0 are stages of eating where your discipline will be tested, you will have withdrawals, you will need to break habits to achieve this level of dieting. And for most, eating in a 90/10 or 100/0 ration is only temporary before falling back into 80/20. And that’s ok. The flexibility is key.

Let’s give you an example week of using these ratios. Monday-Wednesday you eat 80/20, but on Thursday you’re feeling really determined, so you up to 90/10 for the day. Friday comes along, and you decide to turn up the heat and go 100/0, as the weekend is right around corner. Feeling boosted by your accomplishments, you return to 80/20 for a mellow Saturday & Sunday.

That’s 80/20! That’s how you live and diet. Without wanting to stab someone in the eye with a carrot or eat an entire carrot cake!

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