Eat the “Right Food” at the “Right Time”

Prepping for my competitions has shown me one simple fact, which is that you don’t have to kill yourself in order to get into killer shape. Applying some easy guidelines on “When” and “What’ to eat will help you a great amount.

Below I have listed some key points of the day where utilizing food intake will make a major difference.


The body has been in a fasting for about 12 hours. Now is a good time to throw in some…

Fast acting protein that will immediately feed the body with amino acids.

Combine Simple and Complex carb sources

Include some EFA’s (Essential Fatty Acids) into this first meal. Flaxseed Oil or Canola Oil are a couple good choices.

Sample Meal:

2-6 Scrambled Eggs

1 cup Whole Grain Oatmeal

(Top with Walnuts, Blueberries and Strawberries)

Brunch Snack #1

By this time your body is most likely rebounding a bit from your huge anabolic breakfast. Avoid sweet temptation by eating this…

Grab a mixed protein source that will provide your body with some quick amino acids and additional ones that will last another few hours.

Try your best to take in a moderate amount of low glycemic index carbs. I love bananas for this type of meal.

Sample Meal:

12oz Glass of Chocolate Milk

1 Large Banana


The second largest meal of the day. By now your body should feel pretty balanced and ready for some more fuel

Go for a quick acting protein like Chicken, Egg Whites, Fish or Whey

Still keep your focus on a low glycemic index based carb. Do your best as well to keep it sugar free

Get another good dose of EFA’s. If you choose fish, it will naturally have some in it.

Sample Meal:

Skinless Chicken Breast

½ Cup Cooked Brown Rice

½ Cup Low Fat Cottage Cheese

Afternoon Snack #2

To prevent the energy slump you may feel later in the day. Grab a snack

Use a slow acting protein. Casein is a good choice

Your focus should now be on a carb that will mildly elevate your blood sugar

Sample Meal:

Guilty Free Brownie


The last meal of the day, and an important one at that. This is the last bit of food your body will take in for the next 12 hours. Overnight, your body will typically be anabolic till about 2am. After that it will turn catabolic eating fat, muscle and glycogen.

Time to pack on the protein! Slow acting proteins are a must if you’re going to burn fat and sustain muscle while sleeping. Try a lean red meat or casein protein,

I would go for fiber rich and low in sugar carb sources before bedtime.

Add good fats to this meal as well. Some include canola oil, olive oil, nuts and seeds

Sample Meal:

Lean Sirloin Steak

Spinach Salad topped with diced tomatoes balsamic dressing

Half a baked potato

After reading this, I’m sure you can see how easy and important it is to Eat the Right Food at the Right Time!

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